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Christmas Desserts & Treats

Yule Logs

A beautiful center piece for your Christmas table!

Chocolate sponge rolled with raspberries, orange, and a French vanilla cream. Decorated with meringue mushrooms, holly, chocolate ladders and axes.

Medium serves 12-16 - $49.75, Large serves 24-30 - $74.50

Christmas Trifle torte

A light, delicious and beautiful dessert to compliment your Christmas celebrations.

Mandarins, strawberry puree and cranberry compote layered with vanilla sponge and a delicious custard cream filling.

6" $29.95 /8" $44.95/10" $ 57.95 /12" $71.95 /Half sheet $82.95 /Full sheet $149.95

Eggnog Cheesecake

Rich eggnog cheesecake baked on a gingerbread cookie crust.

8" $44.95/10" $ 57.95

Mince Tarts 3"

Traditional recipe with buttery flakey pastry.

$2.00 each/$10.25 per ½ dz/ $19.75 per dz

Snowman Cookie

$2.50 each/$12.25 per ½ dz/ $22.75 per dz

Gingerbread Folk

$3.00 each/$15.10 per ½ dz/ $30.00 per dz

Butter Shortbread

Only the very best traditional Scottish recipe for our customers!

$2.25 each/$24.50 per dozen

Candy Cane Whoopie Cookies

$3 each

Pumpkin Pie

10" $17.00

Festive Petit Fours Platter

Great for any party, take off the lid and pass around!
An assortment of petit fours festively decorated.

Small platter (3.5 dz) $52.50 / Large platter (4.5dz) $65.00

Christmas Treats Platter

Shortbread, gingerbread men, mince tarts, cookies, and truffles.

(5 dz) $59.00